Identify the attractiveness of the market for Your business idea

Business Ideas

An idea is the first milestone in the process of building a successful business. The capacity to create and understand the meaning of business ideas is essential to building a profitable business.

Idea Evaluation Score

Idea Rating Score is 50 or below, very low Market Potential. 
Idea Rating Score is between 50 and 75, feasible with limited Market Potential. 
Idea Rating Score is 75 or above, high Market potential.


Why startups fail?

Entrepreneurs risk everything to change the world, to make an impact, however it is a fact that 90% of startups fail. The number one reason they fail is a lack of a MARKET NEED for their product.


LeadOn analysis attractiveness of any potential market and the potential of a business idea to become a profitable business. LeadOn combines the most well-known, effective, proven and tested Entrepreneurial Frameworks with quantitative data to determine the Market Potential of your business idea.

Independent Feedback

LeadOn Rating evaluates up to 20 key Indicators about the Business Idea to provide entrepreneurs with an unbiased, independent perspective.

Independent & Unbiased.

LeadOn is the premier provider of independent, unbiased ratings for STARTUP & SMES globally.

how LeadOn business Ideas Evaluation works

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If you’re thinking of starting a New Business or expanding an existing Business into a new market, it pays to do some Research before you leap.


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